About Us

E- Rachit was started with a vision to elevate the world a step closer to Embedded Systems. Our products were created with innovation to enhance the productivity of a device through Internet Of Things, Embedded Technology, Cloud Computing and what more, we are here to scale through economies to reach out to our community with Digital Signage, Street lamps, down to a customer for household appliances.

We customize our products as per client needs and requirements using our Embedded and Software team to provide the best solution.We even offer professional design services using Embedded systems. We thrive to make product experience great and simple for our clients and also help them find the solution at right time. Our team is diversified with innovators and is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge, and experience, across industries and technologies that we bring to every project we undertake. 

Mission : 

E-Rachit was built with a purpose to empower the mankind with easy, smart and innovative solutions. Our motto is to provide the best products and services on embedded systems, IOT, Digital Signage, Cloud and the web-based applications.
We strive to create value for our customers by solving their problems with the best solutions which we believe can be achieved through promised time. We ensure the best quality, personalized services, and our commitment goes along.
We have the best team that ensures we move towards our goal. Together we provide extraordinary products and services to our clients.


To innovate best products, which is going to make positive impact in the life of common people.


1. Leadership – Courage to make an impact.
2. Quality – Assurance for all our products.
3. Be Passionate, creative and determined – What we do, we do it with our heart.
4. Positive impact on society and environment – We work so that we can give back to the society and reduce environmental degradation.
5. Customer Delight – We keep our customers first.
6. Be humble towards team – We are humble towards people.
7. Build Open culture – Diversity is what we believe in.
8. Respect Individual – We empower individual thoughts.

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