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          Gantry cranes
          Frame bridge machine
          Girder Carrier
          Hoist gantry crane
          Single-beam truss car
          Other accessories
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          Of Quanzhou Su bridge Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou Nanan City, Fujian Province Xia U.S. town, the company was founded in May 29, 2001, the company covers an area of 40000m2, nearly 300 employees including 38 senior engineers. Professional design, manufacture, installation, transformation of the crane manufacturer, has also been the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Certification and issued Class A special equipment manufacturing license at the same time, the main bridge machine of 160 tons and under, general-purpose gantry cranes (gantry) of 160 tons and less, internal combustion of the fixed platform truck (girder Carrier) of 200 tons and below, electric hoist gantry crane 5 tons and below.
          The company has a variety of large and small erecting machine, gantry crane, girder transport vehicle to provide customers with leases, and a more than 30 years experience in the construction of bridges team and a professional long-distance bridge between transport team, set up one-stop service for all construction units to bridge . Bridge truck tires more suitable for short duration, the tight schedule of the project. It will save the rail laying of installation, but can also save a lot of rail laying costs. Tire bridge carrier is more suitable for roads and bridges prefabricated field as mass production during the lifting beam equipment.
          Strong equipment resources, human resources, scientific management system, the purpose of people-oriented, sincere become your best partner.
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