Cloud Play Digital Signage

Cloud Play Digital Signage is a simple way of displaying dynamic digital content in a screen. Digital signs can accomplish a variety of tasks depending on your needs. They can advertise, promote, and inform individuals with all kinds of information. And when the information changes, so do the signs. This unique adaptability allows digital signage to excel in many areas where traditional signs faltered. It involves a large flat panel display screen customized with a signage system, and cloud-based remote management software. Screens located in different locations can be managed remotely from a centralized location. Cloud play digital signage displays can be grouped together as per the requirement and powerful content can be played efficiently.

Smart Street Light

Smart street-lighting boxes are connected to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and can dim or turn lights on and off so they’re only used when they’re needed, helping to reduce your energy consumption. Smart street lights are connected to the centrally managed software through IoT technology which helps light monitoring and controlling system to ensure, low power consumption, consumption monitoring, instant faulty light detection and light dimming as per external lighting conditions. Also, each of the units has load sensing functionality that allows it to detect if the light has a fault. It then automatically flags that light is faulty and this data is sent over to the IOT monitoring system so that action can be taken to fix it.

Gas Analyzer and Smoke Meter

Gas Analyzer and Smoke meter is a high quality microprocessor based instrument that combines optical precision with a robust design to give long and trouble free service. Our focus is pollution monitoring, safety and atmosphere control. We believe in in-house technology development, which leads to continual improvement in quality and performance. Our products are very much portable which are specially designed to use where the analyzer must be easily transported.

Home Automation

Home Automation is a solution of giving you complete access of controlling your house by using a mobile device, voice command or touch screen. After Installation you are ready to use or access anything in your home be it lights, fans or any home appliances – all of them will be in your control. Home Automation is a smarter way to protect your Home and to make it more energy efficient and convenient Started with the goal of providing affordable and easy to use home automation solutions, our IoT based smart home automation system enable your home devices to communicate information and interoperate. With simple, hassle-free installation and retrofit solutions that work with your existing wiring system, our wireless home automation systems represent the best products in the market today in terms of price, functionality and customization.
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